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Ipo Business Funding Advisory

(Date Created:22-Aug-2019)

Crypstone Capital / Global Bridge鉅承资本

Take Your Company Public & Raise Capital Fast! 企业挂牌上市与融资咨询

We take companies public including start-ups.
We had successfully public listed Asia companies in USA, Australia and Singapore stock exchange.
Our services also include introductions to our vast network of broker dealers, investment funds, stock brokerage firms, investment banking firms and other financial institutions.
We can also arrange pre-IPO funding via our vast network of angel investors, venture capital, private equity and international funders.

1. 協助股权, 商业模式創新梳理;
2. 頂層股权控股設計,合伙人股权分配;
3. 上市前融资,以帮助公司进行海外上市前的改制与重组;
4. 美国主板6個月包上市服務⋯⋯費用低

拥有丰富的企业融资经验的专业人士, 拥有多年国内外资本市场广阔的人脉关系网络和强大的资本操作平台, 与国内外多个PE/VC 机构保持着长期密切的业务合作关系,能够帮助拟上市企业以最少的股份募集到更多的资金。

希望有機會為您服務 或 一起合作!

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Crypstone Capital / Global Bridge鉅承资本

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Tel: +60350219130

A-5-9 Empire Tower, SS16/1, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor, Malaysia
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